Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Never trust a mother and daughter alone...

Lilly decided that she wanted to get her hair cut a while back & against her daddy's wishes I scheduled her an appointment, my mom's a hair dresser... I was the only 3rd grader with a perm, so I was really excited!!!! Well, she's been telling us that she wanted to get her hair cut like a friend of hers that's really short & Mr. Hatfield was less than thrilled. To make an easy compromise I started researching how long your hair had to be before you could donate it.. it's 10" for Locks of Love and 8" for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths. So I measured Lilly's hair, my mom measured Lilly's hair & finally today Felicia (the hair stylist) did it!! Well, as it turns out Lilly had 8" that she could donate & still have about shoulder length hair!! So we did like any mother/daughter duo.... WE CHOPPED IT!! Lilly & I have decided we will be sending in her sweet little piggy tails into make some special cancer patient a beautiful wig with Lilly's help!! :) She's such an angel -- enjoy the pictures, they are guaranteed to make your heart smile!!
P.S. Jason's still not entirely happy about this, he says she looks like she's 7 years old and that makes him sad, but it's just hair and it'll grow back!! He's proud of her for such a big girl decision & for having such a big heart!! :)

She loves to swing it around.. that's her favorite part!! :)

She's really excited to be able to help someone else... we say a little prayer for cancer patients every night -- I know her Grandma Pam (Jason's sweet mama, who had cancer & went to heaven before Lilly was born) is definitely smiling down on her right now :)

Here comes the .... flowergirl!!

Lilly was asked to be one of the flowergirls in a friend's wedding recently and she was absolutely wonderful... here are some pictures from the grand event!! :)

coloring while they were waiting..
I was a bridesmaid.. we had a really fun, "fancy" time!

She told me that her cheeks for hurting, she was so tired of smiling!! HA

She can make friends with anyone..

Nanana nanan nanana Batgirl!!!

Happy happy belated Halloween :)

Graham & Lilly trick-or-treating on the hayride

Monday, October 26, 2009

It's fall, y'all :)

Here are some new picture to entertain you for a minute :) We've been so busy I haven't updated lately, be sure to check back for Halloween pictures, hopefully on Sunday.. then my friend is getting married November 7th and Lilly's the flower girl... should make for some excellent Kodak moments... enjoy!!
Here's Lilly snuggling with her new "Lilly cup." She loved it so much, she wanted to sleep with it.. and just for record, your eyes aren't deceiving you, that's her bed and I'm obviously not sleeping with her because I'm definitely taking this picture :)
Lilly is still playing soccer, well at least when it isn't raining.. which is all it's been doing lately!!! Here are so new pictures from her last soccer game...

It's not just coincidental that she's #4.. my sister knew I'd appreciate it... ha -- which makes me want to share a cute story.. A couple of Mondays ago when Green Bay and the Vikings were playing Monday Night Football.. well every time that Brett Favre would come on the screen Lilly was tell Jason, "Daddy, there's number 4, Mama's friend.. look Daddy, he's right there, that's Mama's friend!!!" It made me smile.. Jason, not so much!! HA

Lilly's class went on their first field trip on October 9th... she proudly rode the school bus and everything... I cried as I followed behind in the Yukon... sad sad day!!
Here's Lilly with her friends Taylor and Claire.. they had a ball

Lilly's best friend in her class, Katie :)
So last Wednesday I was off, I know.. I'd forgotten what those days were like!! Either way Lilly saw my 1980 Electric Rollers and wanted to do her hair. After much begging I finally obliged... haha, what an event!!!! Enjoy.. these are as good as a Santa freak out picture.. ha, I can't help but laugh.. it was really funny!!
Then she decided that they were awesome... she was a princess getting ready for her lunch date with her Tippy :)

Finally, tonight we carved our pumpkins.. Jason is amazing with pumpkins!!! He told me after we finished.. you know, after he finished, that we keep getting better every year.. ha.. he's got almost 28 years of practice under his belt!! HA..
Here is Lilly's ghost and Jason's pirate/skull jack-o-lantersHere is mine on the top and Lilly's silly face on the bottom..
Finally, here's Lilly with the sweet jack-o-lanters, just ignore the dead looking mum on the bottom right, just be impressed the others are still perky... I have a fabulous brown thumb!! HA
Everything is going great, with the exception of my store.. I still don't have en employee so I am working ALL THE TIME. I am just glad that I'm not super busy right now, that'd be much less fun than it is now.. and let me just tell you how much fun I am having now! :) Jason and I just celebrated our 6 year anniversary on October 4th.. we didn't do anything, we were going to celebrate the weekend of and Jason ended up having to work, then the next weekend we didn't have a babysitter, then the next weekend we caught a bug from Lilly and spent Saturday night sick as dogs.. then last weekend we were just entirely too tired... what exciting lives we lead, we know!! HA :) We are really pumped about Halloween, like every other year! It's mine and Lilly's favorite holiday-- She's going to be batgirl this year and her costume is absolutely adorable.. just wait for the pictures!! We are going to Bubba and Andrea's for a hayride and Lilly and Graham are going to trick-or-treat! It should be fun, especially since it's on Saturday and no one will have to work the next day!!! I hope you all have a fun and safe Halloween!!! :)

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Summer fun...

Sorry it's been so long... here are some pictures from summer.. some from the beach and some just goofing off. As sad as we are to see summer go, we are really excited about autumn because that brings cooler weather, football, beautiful colors, Halloween and less grass cutting :)

Jason and Lilly watching a movie

Lilly at soccer practice with her team

Jason and Lilly riding the go carts on vacation in Gulf Shores

our little sand crab

Future Baywatch lifeguard

Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm a soccer mom..

Yeah, so Lilly has decided that she doesn't want to partake in dance any longer, but she wants to play soccer with John Thomas. So tonight was Lilly's first soccer practice since we started a week late!! She did really good, with the exception that she feels the need to pick up the ball and carry it with her, it's much efficient to her!! Haha!! I can't say I blame her, I've never played soccer, well maybe that's because I am clumsy.. hmmm :) Well anyway we absolutely adore her coach, he's really sweet and take up so much time with them. Oh and did I meantion that it's just her and one other little girl on the team, so of course she eats this up, she's the team mom!! Enjoy these pictures, I will get more, maybe tomorrow, since we they have 2 a week schedule set up.... Look for some action pictures this fall as we start playing games, I am excited although I know NOTHING about soccer!!! :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The adventures of Lilly & ballet

So Lilly has recently started a mix of ballet, tap and jazz. Her first class was last Tuesday and I wasn't completely sure she was going to take to it very quickly. She's nothing like Jason and I, she's super shy around people that she doesn't know very well. The girl that teaches the class opened the door to take them into the studio and Lilly jumped up and was like the 2nd kid through the door.. who would've thought little shy Lilly would evolve into a social butterfly so quickly? So they go into the studio and dance around for 45 minutes then get a little bitty tootsie roll and you would've thought Lilly won a million bucks. She was so excited to tell us about singing and dancing, she was just beside her little self. It was so sweet and I must admit she surprised me by the whole situation :) She's growing up so fast, it's nuts to think she'll be, dare I say it, 4 in December. WOW how time flies when you are having fun, huh? Here are some new picture for you to enjoy of her playing dress up!! She's such a girly girl! :)

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